Working With One of the Best Third-Party Fulfillment Companies in Toronto

Toronto is a business hub where many industry leaders and e-commerce merchants expand their businesses. Although it’s the best choice for Canadian warehouse and distribution, how do you know how to select the right retail fulfillment service?

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Benefits Of Working with Third Party Fulfillment in Toronto


There are several reasons why partnering with a third-party logistics service provider can be beneficial for your business:

1. Reduced Costs

Reaching out to a distribution service is less costly than hiring employees. Logistic services have experts who can carefully handle your goods, reduce the chances of damage and expiration of items at the distribution center.

They are also in contact with trucking companies as they work on behalf of several retailers, negotiating prices depending on the order frequency and volume of goods.

2. Scalability

When selecting a third-party logistics company, you should settle for a fulfillment center that matches your needs. When your business grows, your logistics partner should scale accordingly. Since they are well connected with several service providers, they can also help you respond to changes in demand by providing you with resources.

3. International Shipping

International shipping comes with numerous challenges, including:

  • Customs
  • Documentation
  • Duties

These can hassle you by delaying your shipments, resulting in higher costs and disrupting your supply chain. Fulfillment services are aware of each country’s different shipping restrictions, therefore your shipments can reach their destination without a problem.

4. Advanced Technology

Logistics companies are equipped with the modern tools required to achieve a smooth supply chain. Order fulfillment centers have the equipment necessary to store perishable items and pharmaceuticals. They have a qualified team of industry experts who can handle everything from consumer electronics fulfillment to reverse logistics of costly goods. They can also allow you to track the real-time data of your inventory at all times from anywhere in the world.

5. Focus On Your Business

Without a third-party logistics provider, a signification portion of your time will be spent on logistics and supply chain management. This can keep you from directing your attention to more important matters, such as strategizing and growing your business. A logistics provider will give you peace of mind by ensuring that your items are stored and transported according to your needs without you worrying.

This research by The International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications talks about the impacts of working with a 3PL service:

“An empirical research was carried out in Ghana to study: the extent that organisations use the services of logistics companies; the time period these have been used; the decision-making process for choosing contract logistics; and its impact on the organisation. Results based on the analysis of data relating to 64 organisations in Ghana indicate that over 80% of the users reported a positive impact of logistics outsourcing and have largely been satisfied with this.”[efn_note]M. Sadiq Sohail, Nathan K. Austin & Mustabshira Rushdi (2004) The use of third-party logistics services: Evidence from a sub-Sahara African nation, International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 7:1, 45-57, DOI: [/efn_note]

Why Work With a Logistics Company in Toronto?

Here are some reasons why you should work with a fulfillment partner in Toronto:

1. Central Hub

The global market is constantly growing, and Canada is no different. Over the years, it has become a significant hub for logistics and e-commerce businesses.

Being the most populated part of Canada, the Greater Toronto area has a higher demand for logistics fulfillment. Most of your customers will be closer to you if you choose a warehouse for e-commerce in Toronto, allowing you to reduce costs and improve customer service.

We have strategically located warehouses all over Canada to help you reach your customers faster and grow your business.

2. Transportation Infrastructure

  • Canada’s transportation services make it a leading gateway to the world. Excellent water ports, well-maintained highways, railway systems, and road infrastructure provides retailers with excellent shipping facilities
  • Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway create Toronto’s vast system of railways to accommodate rail freight. These connect different coasts, allowing businesses to have multiple logistics routes
  • The port of Toronto is the city’s major connection to North America and the rest of the world and an important part of Toronto’s economic infrastructure. It also has cost-effective links to airports, roads, and highways
  • Airports in the Greater Toronto Area are located at the center of highway and railway networks, serving several international destinations and processing a significant amount of Canada’s air freight
  • Canada’s freight and logistics market has shown rapid growth and is expected to develop further. With more e-commerce retailers active in the market, there has been a higher demand for logistics. This can positively impact your business by introducing you to 3PL service providers who are experienced and can guide you

MacMillan is one of the top supply chain companies in Canada. Our team has worked with several niches and can provide you with complete shipping solutions for your business.

What We Offer in Terms of Third Party Fulfillment

MacMillan Supply Chain Group is one of the best third-party logistics services in the Greater Toronto Area. Here is what we offer to our customers:

  • We have comprehensive warehousing throughout the GTA so that you can select according to your needs
  • We are scalable and can accommodate customer demands as your business emerges into new markets
  • Our use of cutting-edge technology allows you to monitor real-time inventory data
  • Our team, with years of experience, can provide cost-effective shipping logistics solutions with reduced risk
  • Our solutions result in an efficient supply chain, resulting in fast delivery with the product in perfect condition
  • With your items in the right hands, you don’t have to worry about having a freight experience that compromises the quality of your consumer goods
  • Our tracking systems and cost-effective route plans can optimize the supply chain, giving you a transparent shipping experience without roadblocks

At MacMillan, we have the ability to provide our customers with the best logistics solutions and exceptional service to help them grow their businesses and achieve customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact our experts now at 416-941-2759 or email us here.

MacMillan Supply Chain Group Elevate Your Logistics Experience

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