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Those in the industry know us for being a perfectionist for policies and procedures. But to us, nothing’s more important than the health and safety of all MacMillan team members. We strive to cultivate a safe culture where every employee watches over one another. This is successful because people at every level of our organization have each other’s backs no matter where they stand.

Through safe work practices, stress prevention exercises, proper nutrition, and mobility, we uphold the health and safety of our people and maintain their ability to perform over the long term – both within and beyond our organization. Our welfare team performs a KPI management survey every quarter to review the effectiveness of our occupational health practices and identify opportunities for improvement.

Moving forward we will continue observing the needs and wellbeing of our people as we always have, and find ways to fortify our unique culture of empathy and unity. Ask our people why safety is and will continue to remain so important to us, and you’ll be sure to hear what has organically become our safety motto: “At the end of the day, we all go home safe.”

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