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Ambient Food & Beverage

Elevate your ambient food and beverage supply chain in Canada to new heights with MacMillan. Our GMP-certified warehouses and cutting-edge management systems ensure your products receive the royal treatment they deserve, preserving your product’s integrity amidst the fluctuating tides of distribution.

With MacMillan, seasonal demands become opportunities rather than challenges. Our expertise and innovative systems designed for intricate SKU, flavor, and packaging variations guarantee smooth operations and seamless inventory management, all year round, empowering you to concentrate on growth, while we simplify your logistics for you.

Choosing MacMillan means opting for excellence.

  • Batch/Lot Control: Our robust batch and lot control systems enable effective product recalls, safeguarding your customers and brand.
  • Advanced Inventory Control: Benefit from our FEFO and FIFO systems to keep your products fresh and orders accurate.
  • Climate-Controlled Warehousing: Our warehouses are meticulously monitored for temperature and humidity, ensuring your ambient products are stored in optimal conditions.
  • Kitting Services: Enhance your offerings with our kitting services for assembling taster sets, gift packs and more.
  • Predictable Pricing: No hidden fees or surprises, just clear, predictable pricing.
  • Customized Packaging: Stand out with bespoke packaging solutions, including options for seasonal demands.
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Elevate your nutraceutical brand with MacMillan, Canada’s leading logistics partner for vitamins and supplements. Specializing in the health and nutrition sector, we navigate the complexities of nutraceutical fulfillment with precision, ensuring your products adhere to all regulatory standards. Our GMP-certified warehouses are equipped with advanced temperature and humidity monitoring systems, safeguarding the integrity of your health products.

Choosing MacMillan as your third-party logistics (3PL) partner means stepping into the future of nutraceutical distribution with confidence. Our specialized services not only ensure that your products meet stringent health and safety standards but also focus on enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. With MacMillan, you deliver more than just products; you deliver wellness directly to your customer’s doorstep, making us your ideal partner in the health and nutrition space.

Choose MacMillan as your partner for hassle free logistics.

  • Regulatory Compliant Facilities: Our warehouses maintain the highest standards for product integrity.
  • Advanced Tracking Systems: Comprehensive lot and expiry date tracking mitigates the risk of outdated inventory.
  • Real-Time Inventory Insight: Keep tabs on inventory levels for efficient stock management.
  • Flexible Packaging Solutions: Cater to your diverse product range with our versatile packing options.
  • Strategic Logistics Network: Utilize our extensive network for accurate and timely deliveries.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees, just straightforward pricing.
  • Rapid Fulfillment Options: Delight customers with expedited delivery options without sacrificing accuracy.


Elevate your cosmetics brand with MacMillan, Canada’s leading logistics partner for cosmetics and beauty products. Our advanced fulfillment services are meticulously designed, ensuring your products are handled with precision and care from storage to delivery.

At MacMillan, we understand the importance of an exceptional online customer experience, and our state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to meet the dynamic needs of your brand, setting us apart as pioneers in our field. Gain complete control over your inventory through our intuitive client portal, offering real-time insights into inventory, orders, and returns. Our scalable solutions support your brand’s growth, adapting seamlessly to your evolving logistics needs.

Choosing MacMillan as your strategic beauty fulfillment partner means selecting a service designed for flawless management of your beauty products. We enrich your logistics, while you enrich the lives of your customers.

  • Complete visibility with Inventory Management: Our intuitive client portal places real-time inventory, orders, and returns at your fingertips, streamlining your operations and preventing stockouts or overstock.
  • Scalable Solutions for Growth: As your beauty brand flourishes, our flexible infrastructure adapts effortlessly to your evolving needs.
  • Customization & Compliance at the Core
  • Custom Branded Packaging: Create lasting impressions with packaging that resonates with your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Transparent, Straightforward Pricing: Experience clarity with MacMillan’s no-surprise billing approach.
  • Expert Inventory Management: Stay ahead with our FEFO and FIFO methodologies, guaranteeing your cosmetics reach customers at peak freshness.
  • Comprehensive B2B & Wholesale Support: Navigate the complexities of retail fulfillment with our tailored wholesale strategies.

Consumer Packaged Goods

MacMillan, Your Agile CPG Fulfillment Partner. Our expertise in Compliance and Retailer Requirements, means working with us helps you avoid costly penalties with a 3PL that excels in compliance and retailer-specific mandates. MacMillan’s dedicated team handles the subtleties of vendor portals and retailer guidelines, ensuring your products reach shelves on time, every time. 

Leading CPG brands rely on MacMillan for comprehensive fulfillment services. Our tailored returns management systems customize your reverse logistics to align with your brand ethos. Embrace the MacMillan advantage for your CPG fulfillment needs and transform logistical challenges into opportunities for growth.

With MacMillan, fast-paced fulfillment becomes a strategic asset to your CPG brand.

Real-Time Inventory: Gain complete visibility over your inventory with our live tracking systems. Harness timely reports to make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.
Strategic Logistics Network: Tap into our extensive network for streamlined deliveries for your B2B and e commerce orders. Leverage our 99.6% on time delivery and 99.7% pick accuracy to ADD SOMETHING HERE.
Advanced Expiry Management: Trust our meticulous lot and expiry date tracking to ensure product freshness. Experience seamless scalability, with our technology-driven forecasting and flexible warehousing, ensuring you meet customer demand with unerring accuracy and speed.
Tailored Returns Management: Customize your reverse logistics to align with your brand ethos.  FEFO & FIFO Inventory Excellence: Our strategic approach to inventory management means products are always delivered at their best.
Rapid Fulfillment & Delivery: Elevate customer satisfaction with our expedited shipping options, maintaining impeccable order accuracy


Streamline your retail operations and enhance customer satisfaction with MacMillan SCG’s tailored logistics solutions. In the dynamic world of retail, staying ahead means adapting quickly to evolving consumer demands and fierce competition. MacMillan SCG empowers you to meet and exceed these challenges with ease and efficiency. 

Optimize Your Retail Supply Chain with MacMillan, our solutions are built for Scalability and Flexibility, offering additional warehouse space and logistical resources, facilitating smooth transitions during seasonal peaks and ensuring uninterrupted supply. Expand into new markets confidently with our expertise in logistics, reducing barriers to entry and supporting your expansion with the necessary resources. 

Experience the MacMillan advantage in retail fulfillment 

  • Precision in Retail Fulfillment: MacMillan SCG specializes in the intricate processes of retail fulfillment, ensuring quality control, timing, and accuracy surpassing the direct-to-consumer model.
  • EDI Integration: We provide seamless EDI support, ensuring clear communication with big box retailers for efficient transaction processing.
  • Tailored Routing Guide Implementation: Our team meticulously crafts routing guide summaries to meet retailer specifications, ensuring flawless execution from the first order to the last.
  • Technology-Driven Fulfillment: Our cutting-edge retail fulfillment technology and support streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on growth and customer engagement.
  • Visibility and Control: Store your inventory at our facilities with complete visibility, making informed decisions with real-time access to your stock levels.
  • Comprehensive B2B and EDI Capabilities: With impeccable accuracy and on-time delivery metrics, MacMillan SCG ensures penalty-free operations.


Fashion and Apparel

Fashion and Apparel

Revolutionize your fashion brand’s fulfillment with MacMillan’s bespoke logistics solutions. Specializing in the intricacies of fashion retail, we ensure your garments and accessories move seamlessly from container to customer. 

MacMillan’s fulfillment services cater to an extensive range of fashion products. With our expert handling of apparel returns, seamless adaptation to fashion cycles, and commitment to an enhanced customer experience, your fashion brand is poised for success.

Choose MacMillan for a partnership that understands the fast-paced world of fashion logistics. We’re not just fulfilling orders; we’re crafting the backbone of your brand’s growth and customer loyalty. 

MacMillan: synonymous with fashion fulfillment excellence 

  • Rapid Container Offloading: Containers are unloaded in under four hours, expediting your goods’ journey to the sales floor.
  • Customized Packaging: Elevate your brand experience with personalized packaging options tailored to your fashion items.
  • Inventory Precision: Our modern warehousing solutions are designed for high SKU counts, ensuring precise storage and picking for diverse fashion assortments.
  • Seasonal Agility: Navigate inventory fluctuations with our agile management strategies, perfectly aligned with fashion’s seasonal heartbeat.
  • Efficient Return Management: With an effective returns strategy, we enhance customer satisfaction, crucial for post-holiday exchanges and fit-related returns.
  • Customer-Centric Notifications: Personalized carrier updates reduce inquiries and keep your customers informed and engaged.

Pulp, Paper and Packaging

Elevate your packaging business with MacMillan Supply Chain Group, your expert partner in logistics management. Specializing in the pulp, paper, and plastics packaging industry, we understand the nuances of getting your products from warehouse to end-user.

With MacMillan as the backbone of your logistics, your products arrive with the rapidity and precision your customer’s demand, keeping you ahead of the curve. Our streamlined fulfilment services, GMP certified warehouse spacing and advance cross docking facilities ensure your business scales securely and smoothly.

Revolutionize Your Distribution with MacMillan:

  • Manufacturer & Wholesaler Expertise: MacMillan excels in managing the complex needs of manufacturers and wholesalers in the paper sector.
  • Advanced Cross Docking: Minimize storage time and expedite shipping with our optimized cross-docking processes.
  • Labeling and Compliance Precision: Navigate the intricate compliance requirements with our meticulous labeling services.
  • Real-Time Portal Access: Gain complete visibility over your logistics operations with our user-friendly, transparent portal system.
  • Labeling and Compliance Precision: We manage complex compliance needs with our thorough labeling services.
  • Organized and Secure Storage: Our team ensures your products are stored securely, offering you complete peace of mind.
Pulp, Paper and Packaging
Automotive and Electronics

Automotive and Electronics

Rev up your automotive supply chain efficiency with MacMillan SCG, where we navigate the complexities of automotive logistics with precision and agility. The automotive industry is a labyrinth of regulations, with an ever-changing landscape that demands expertise and foresight. MacMillan SCG is the gear shift you need to stay ahead in the race. 

With MacMillan SCG’s automotive logistics solutions, take the driver’s seat with confidence. Our support means a seamless journey from the factory floor to your customer’s door. Shift into high gear with MacMillan SCG—where automotive fulfillment is not just delivered; it’s engineered for excellence.

Accelerate Your Automotive Operations with MacMillan SCG 

  • Streamlined Supply Chain: Our cutting-edge practices streamline your supply chain from production to aftermarket services, ensuring your operations are as sleek as the vehicles you handle.
  • Agility and Adaptability: With MacMillan SCG, adapt to shifting trends with ease. Our flexible logistics solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the automotive sector.
  • Risk-Free Handling: Eliminate the anxiety of trials and errors in an era of booming online orders. We ensure that every move counts towards your success.
  • Innovative Logistics: We employ the latest strategies in logistics to drive your automotive chain forward, optimizing each segment for peak performance.
  • Performance-Driven Process: Trust in our process, designed for the automotive industry’s pace and precision, to enhance your supply chain’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Expert Guidance: Navigate through the red tape and bureaucracy with our team of experts, steering clear of common pitfalls and staying compliant with industry standards.

We’re trusted by the best in the business

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