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We work with businesses that we believe will truly benefit from our logistics services. For that reason, we choose our clients very carefully and develop long-term partnerships. Our end-to-end supply chain solutions are designed and configured to address the specific needs of businesses in fashion to electronics, startups to Fortune 50 clients, and everywhere in between.

If you’re looking for a 3PL partner who has done all the on-the-ground logistics work in your niche and holds a track record of proven success, we encourage you to pause here. Have a read below and decide for yourself if we are the right partner for you.

MacMillan for Automotive:

Your Pain: Automotive chains remain a puzzle in the world of logistics. It’s a vast system of red tapes and bureaucracy, rules telling you what to do and what not to do. Shifting trends make it more confusing than it already is. You feel anxious to make a move because you don’t know where to start. Plus, there’s no room for trials and errors with the boom of online ordering.

How We Help: Whether your focus is production, after-market, or reverse logistics, we’re here to guide you through the process of optimizing your supply chain for performance and agility using the most up-to-date practices and processes. Don’t let the weight of motor vehicles hold you back. Let us make it a smooth sail from the factory to your customer.

MacMillan for Healthcare:

Your Pain: Pharmaceutical, life sciences, and health technology companies sound extravagant. However, so are the provincial rules, regulations, risks, and costs associated. Why does saving lives and promoting the health of people have to involve so many barriers? Let us switch that around.

How We Help: It is our mission to keep the gears of your organization turning for the future of society. Our team helps you spot and attack challenges in risk management, cost optimization, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance. We also design logistics solutions that facilitate end-to-end coordination and visibility, from inventory control to recall management and more. Leave the dirty work to us and focus on what matters most – your patients.

MacMillan for Retail:

Your Pain: Juggling multiple sales channels is exhausting. You need to ensure your customers like what they see when shopping in-store, on your website, or in your mobile app. The catch is, consumer demands keep evolving and competition is always growing. Can you accommodate their needs and wants before they run to your adversaries?

How We Help: We help retailers like you gain a competitive edge by integrating the right logistics solutions that provide real-time visibility, end-to-end coordination, long-term agility, and scalability. Our goal is to help you secure a guaranteed supply chain that continues giving even as customer demands shift, more SKUs are introduced, and shipping processes get interrupted. With MacMillan SCG by your side, you can run your business worry-free with confidence that your product is managed and delivered at a top-tier service level.

MacMillan for Fashion:

Your Pain: Fashion is a cutthroat industry. Short product life cycles, frequent changes in the product range, volatility of trends, a global market, and market saturation all pose a huge agility challenge to fashion businesses. Making logistical decisions is tricky without the right guidance and expertise.

How We Help: MacMillan SCG’s logistics solutions for fashion are laser-focused on a confident customer experience and involve dedicated quality control, capable IT systems, a specific packing strategy, and a rapid returns management program. With everything fully handled by us, all you have to do is focus on designing new apparel your will customers love.

MacMillan for Electronics & Tech:

Your Pain: Multi-media electronics and sophisticated machines require extreme care and handling. One tiny slide in the chain and you could lose thousands of dollars in inventory. Also, let’s not forget about the costs you incur for stock replacements and replenishment. Are you going to take the hit if this happens? How can this be prevented?

How We Help: We’re known for being the leaders in handling delicate, high-value goods by applying the right handling and accountability practices. This involves procurement of proper equipment specifications, security protocols, loading, stack/no-stack requirements, proof count at pick-up, and proof count delivery with specific POD processes. Our team recognizes the sensitivity of electronics and tech products, making sure your product passes through each stage with your requested checks and balances.

MacMillan for Paper & Packaging:

Your Pain: The paper and packaging industry is facing several distinct challenges. The rapid decline of print media and the growth of e-commerce represents a major shift in how products from the paper and forest industry are distributed. more and more companies enter the global marketplace, the level of competition keeps increasing, impacting many businesses’ ability to grow revenue. As forestry land becomes more and more expensive, many companies are considering remote growing locations. And while these may be cheaper, the impact on the cost and complexity of logistics should not be underestimated, not to mention the environmental consequences.

How We Help: The need to be agile, reactive, and lean is greater than ever and can only be achieved with an optimized supply chain through MacMillan SCG. While transportation management in the paper and packaging industry continues to evolve, the one constant is the need for visibility. Tracking shipments in real-time, knowing when they will arrive and where they will be needed, all based on limited knowledge is a key challenge.

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