Want To Work With A Supply Chain & Logistics Company In Ontario?

Are you looking for a supply chain and logistics company in Ontario? The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the global supply chain, including Ontario’s supply chain market. Thankfully, the MacMillan Supply Chain Group has been able to overcome these challenges and is here to help your business grow.

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What Does The Ontario Supply Chain Market Look Like? 

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Ontario is facing labour shortages similar to the rest of Canada. This is increasing the demand for trade-related services and has put a strain on the national supply chain and logistics industry.

While this situation is seemingly worsening, there are many new job opportunities for employees with technical skills in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Apart from that, the increasing growth in online shopping is boosting demand from wholesalers and retailers. With the U.S. dollar being close to the value of the Canadian dollar, Ontario companies are benefiting from growing U.S. demands.

To provide a better idea of what the supply chain market in Ontario looks like, consider these numbers:

  • 29,450 people work as supply chain scheduling and tracking coordinators
  • 18,650 people are purchasing officers and agents
  • 9,050 people have the role of production logistics coordinators

In 2019, the Ontario Government introduced the Supply Chain Management Act to centralize procurement activities. This act allowed the establishment of a structure for handling supply chain management regarding government (ministries, Ontario Power Generation, provincial agencies), broader public sector (school boards, children’s aid societies, publicly funded post-secondary educational institutions), and health sector (hospitals) entities.

Supply Ontario is an agency established under this act, and aims to support supply chain management and procurement activities of the above-mentioned sectors.

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What Supply Chain Issues Are We Facing Nationally?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to bottlenecks in affairs of Global supply chains, which have also affected the Canadian supply chain market:

  • The closing of borders
  • Overall global restrictions
  • Labor shortages
  • Constraints on the movement of goods and people
  • Closing of businesses to limit the spread of the virus
  • Effect of this virus on the employees
  • Increasing customer demand

These factors have significantly impacted the momentum of supply chains:

  • Affecting the price of goods
  • Decreasing the availability of products
  • Halting the growth of various companies
  • Collapsing small businesses

Businesses that have been negatively impacted have sought out alternate sources of supply by:

  • Increasingly communicating with wholesalers and suppliers
  • Keeping track of shortages or delays.
  • Some suggest that the inflow of immigrants will help with labor shortages and fill jobs related to manufacturing and other sectors.

The pandemic has not just affected the businesses but also the customers. A research paper by the Korea Distribution Science Association has suggested some solutions for impacted businesses:

“Such strategies could include offering loyalty cards, higher discount rates, and solidarity vouchers to keep customers engaged. Losing part of the business revenue at this point is considerably better than losing customers in the long run, who are ultimately the main source of generating cash flow for these companies.”[efn_note]AL-MANSOUR, Jarrah F., and Sanad A. AL-AJMI. “Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ – Supply Chain Disruption and Implications for Strategy, Economy, and Management.” The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business , vol. 7, no. 9, Korea Distribution Science Association, Sept. 2020, pp. 659–672, https://doi.org/10.13106/jafeb.2020.vol7.no9.659 [/efn_note]
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What Makes an Ontario Supply Chain and Logistics Service Good?

1. Being Data-Driven

Having data about your supply chain processes allows you to grow your business. Tracking the supply chain with real-time data will allow you to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Handle material at a faster rate
  • Optimize space
  • Forecast the needs of your business better
  • Keeps your costs down
  • Improve productivity
  • Take calculated risks

This is possible when a supply chain service has up-to-date technology that can track products and spot changes.

2. Being Flexible 

A good supply chain service should be able to adapt to fluctuating demand. Being flexible allows you to adjust production levels and transport capacity according to naturally occurring changes.

Flexibility also includes the ability to scale according to the growth of your business. In the case of high demand for products, a good supply chain service should have the appropriate storage space to accommodate additional goods.

3. Inventory Management

A good supply chain service needs to have good systems for inventory management. How inventory is managed is a deciding factor that can make or break a business. Proper supply chain management can help track inventory, control costs, and allow companies to reach profitability.

Advanced technology can help overcome issues related to inventory management. It will minimize waste goods and keep your customers satisfied.

If you have a growing business and don’t want to spend the better part of your time managing inventory, you can get in touch with the MacMillan Supply Chain Group at 416-941-2759 or by clicking here to discuss your needs. We have experienced staff and up-to-date technology that allow us to track inventory and manage supply chain processes so you can focus on growing your business.

4. Measurement of Performance

In supply chain management, there needs to be a clear understanding of all the processes involved and how they relate to each other. This understanding can help establish performance measurements for:

  • Staff productivity
  • Process efficiency
  • Cycle time
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality

How to Work With A Supply Chain And Logistics Firm In Ontario?

If you’re looking for a supply chain and logistics firm to work with in Ontario, you need to ensure that your 3PL partner can take care of your needs.

Your 3PL service provider needs to have excellent inventory management and dedicated staff to ensure the right products are delivered to right customers at the right time.

A firm that provides you with the best value offers services in warehousing, distribution, transportation, e-commerce and final mile.

If you’re looking for a supply chain and logistics service with extensive experience, the MacMillan Supply Chain Group is here to help. We provide warehousing and logistics services for a wide range of products. For more information, you can talk to an expert at 416-941-2759 or by clicking here.

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