Warehousing & Distribution

The Problem: Your supplier just delivered a high-volume order to you. Thousands of units of goods show up at your store, facility, home, or wherever you operate the business from. Then it hits you. You don’t have enough storage space. Sure, you could bootstrap your way out by finding a temporary spot, but are you prepared for the next replenishment program?

The Bigger Problem: Now you have a massive inventory but lack manpower and systems to warehouse, itemize, repackage, sort, distribute, trace transactions, and oversee inventory levels. It’s easy to lose count of stock and get products mixed up. You can’t afford to have clients contacting you for order mistakes, refunds, damages, delays, etc. This doesn’t just cost extra time and money. It costs customer loyalty and your business reputation, too.

The Solution: Choose between dedicated and co-shared space. We’ll design and implement a scalable strategy that fulfills your entire warehousing needs. Our warehouses are strategically located throughout Canada so your goods can reach your customers’ doorsteps on time, if not earlier. We leverage advanced management systems that give you real-time visibility of inventory movements so you can make better-informed decisions on the spot. Whether a product is needed at your DC, store location, or to the end-customer, we’re supporting you from our facility to your desired destination.

The Result: Revel in the praise you’re getting from customers for the speedy delivery and perfect product condition. Inventory holding costs are at an all-time low and orders are fulfilled faster than ever! The best part is, you don’t need to buy storage, recruit labour, invest in expensive technology, or engage unreliable delivery services. Sit back and take a rest. MacMillan SCG has you covered with every step.

Warehousing & Distribution Services:

  • Container De-Stuffing Services
  • Cross-Docking Operations
  • Complete Order Fulfilment Operations
  • Reverse Logistics Programs
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Packaging, Labeling & Inspection
  • Replenishment Programs
  • Project & Seasonal Work

Specialized Services

The Problem: You may have a supply chain in place, but is it tailored exactly to your business and customers’ needs? Are your networks, systems, and processes truly optimized for efficiency? Could there be bad apples that are hindering business growth? How can your supply chain be better than your competitors?

The Bigger Problem: Making changes to the supply chain is costly. To save capital, you decide to outsource to various small-scale providers. You hire a designer for packaging prints, an IT consultant for tech integrations, a marketing strategist to expand your reach, a logistics consultant for advice and guidance. Communication slips, nothing is coordinated, and your service support team is divided amongst 7 different avenues. As a result, you end up having to invest more money and more time to fix the mess and organize lines of communication.

The Solution: You need a 3PL partner who can identify all your supply chain challenges and formulate a bespoke, end-to-end strategy to tackle them. MacMillan SCG does just this. We offer an array of specialized logistics solutions to streamline your supply chain in a cost-effective manner with the least amount of risk. Our solutions are backed by cutting-edge analytics, process-wide monitoring, and reporting tech so you can get full control and visibility of your supply chain – any time of the day, and any day of the week.

The Result: Process, fulfill, close, and deliver more orders faster with a leaner, more efficient, and more agile supply chain that is quick to adapt to evolving customer demands and logistical obstacles in your niche. Grow and scale your business with confidence knowing that your supply chain needs, from the smallest to the tallest, are always met and poised for the future.
Specialized Services

  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Market Expansion
  • Technology Integration
  • Contingency/Crisis Planning
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Service
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Promotional Print & Packaging
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Workflow Optimization & Process Mapping
  • Product Destruction & Disposal


The Problem: Shipping is like walking through a forest in the dark. You don’t have a clear view of the path or transport process. Are the goods safe? Are they actually “handled with care”? Will they arrive in one piece? Free of damage? And on time? What if they get stalled halfway through? Truth is, you’ll only know the outcome and correct path once the sun comes up, providing you with adequate light and visibility. But, what if you spent the entire night walking in the wrong direction? The unknown isn’t a pleasant feeling.

The Bigger Problem: An unforeseen issue happens in transport. Is it bad weather? Mechanical failure? An accident on the transport route? You don’t know. But half your goods didn’t make it, while the other half arrived with damages. Clients are demanding answers, everyone is panicking, and your business gets slammed with scathing reviews. You lose.

The Solution: At MacMillan SCG, we ensure your cargo, small or large, leaves the consigner and reaches the consignee in its original, untouched state. Our focus is on giving you a seamless freight shipping experience so you can run your business with ease and confidence, while your clients enjoy your products in their best form. After all, quality goods require quality handling and quality transport. No matter the size, our team has a solution that fits.

The Result: When working with us, you’ll get complete end-to-end visibility on freight movements. Mishaps along the transportation route don’t stop us from getting your goods where you want them to be — we adapt and improvise until they make it. So what does this mean for you? Well, since shipping duties and concerns are off your shoulders, maybe focus your time on creating real value for your business.

Transportation & Logistics Services:

  • Full Truckload (FTL)
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Cross Border & International
  • Specialized Transport
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Courier & Small Parcel

Final Mile & E-commerce

The Problem: Online retail sales increased by over 40% through 2020-2021. Orders are flooding in, deadlines are getting tighter, and customer expectations are increasing. You can have the best technology and the fastest processes, and still not deliver on time if one thing doesn’t go right – final mile delivery. It’s the last hurdle between you and your client. Pass it, and you have a lifelong customer. Miss it, and you have a lifelong adversary.

The Bigger Problem: Many couriers and delivery companies claim to be the best. But, without the right tracking systems, delivery infrastructure, scalability, route optimization plans, and expertise to overcome roadblocks in transit, your shipments can end up lost or being delivered late, or damaged. As a consequence, your business receives negative reviews, angry remarks, and multiple refund requests.

The Solution: At MacMillan SCG, we care for your shipments as if they were our own. We’re not just a delivery company. We’re a team of strategists, IT professionals, and logisticians, striving to provide you with the sharpest, simplest, cleanest, and most transparent customer delivery shipping experience. Whether you need courier services for smaller packages or freight for larger shipments, we have you covered. Our solutions are built to withstand the stress of consumer frenzies.

The Result: The frustrations of shipping and e-commerce delivery are gone. Our team has you covered. You can now be confident and comfortable to say that being hit with a flood of orders is good news – regardless of what time of year it is. You now have time on your hands to start doing the tasks that matter most to your business – growth, and expansion.

Logistics Services:

  • Hyper-Local – Depending on Postal Code – Delivery available within 2-4 Hours.
  • Same Day Delivery – Multiple delivery times available to meet your service level needs.
  • Next-Day Delivery Across Canada
  • Pick-up & Delivery Services Available on Saturdays
  • International & Cross-Border Delivery

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