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Warehouse Solutions

Our flexible warehouse solutions can be utilized for dedicated or shared spaces. As part of our on-boarding process we determine which facility is best suited for your business needs and growth plans. Our WMS powered by Mantis allows us to improve efficiencies, provide real time data, measure and report the necessary KPIs. Clients are provided with a custom & private portal for all inventory, inbound and outbound information.

Warehousing & Distribution Services:

  • Container De-Stuffing Services;
  • Cross-Docking Operations;
  • Complete Order Fulfilment Operations (DTC & B2B)
  • Reverse Logistics Programs;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Product Packaging, Labeling & Inspection;
  • Replenishment Programs;
  • Project & Seasonal Work.

Final Mile E-commerce

With a proven track record of successfully executing both small parcels and big bulky products, MacMillan can help any client succeed and scale.
Our operations and logistics network includes:

  • 45 Distribution centers and logistical hubs;
  • Over 3000 drivers nationally;
  • Coast-to-coast infrastructure.

As part of MacMillan’s Final Mile solution, clients benefit from our technology platform that easily integrates into your systems. Benefits include:

  • Real time tracking ensuring prompt and reliable deliveries;
  • Analytics and KPI management;
  • Reduction in administrative and operational processes;
  • Reverse logistics;
  • Rate optimization.



Your Pain: Pharmaceutical, life sciences, and health technology companies sound extravagant. However, so are the provincial rules, regulations, risks, and costs associated. Why does saving lives and promoting the health of people have to involve so many barriers? Let us switch that around.

How We Help: It is our mission to keep the gears of your organization turning for the future of society. Our team helps you spot and attack challenges in risk management, cost optimization, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance. We also design logistics solutions that facilitate end-to-end coordination and visibility, from inventory control to recall management and more. Leave the dirty work to us and focus on what matters most – your patients.

How We Help: Whether your focus is production, after-market, or reverse logistics, we’re here to guide you through the process of optimizing your supply chain for performance and agility using the most up-to-date practices and processes. Don’t let the weight of motor vehicles hold you back. Let us make it a smooth sail from the factory to your customer.

order fulfilllment

Order Fulfilllment

Leverage MacMillan’s B2B and direct to consumer (DTC) experience to maintain and grow your business.

To fulfill orders accurately and on time, we can seamlessly integrate your e-commerce platform or order management system within ours.

Your inventory will be properly managed and accounted for within our facilities. Once received, goods are available for sale immediately.

Our portal will provide you with end to end visibility in real time. We maintain 99.6% order accuracy and on time commitments.

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