How To Get Your Orders Fulfilled In Toronto In 2022?

Order fulfillment is at the heart of every e-commerce business. Improving its efficiency can positively impact customer satisfaction.

To have a successful order fulfillment process, you should partner with an order fulfillment service like MacMillan. A fulfillment company understands the importance of a smooth supply chain, effective inventory management, and giving your customers the best experiences. MacMillan is one of the best third-party fulfillment services in Toronto. Our team can handle a large variety of products and can expertly fulfill orders to help you gain a competitive advantage.

What Are the Most Common Order Fulfillment Challenges?


1. Inventory Management

One of the most common challenges that e-commerce businesses face is difficulty with inventory management. Even with advanced tools designed to make demand planning more manageable, it is still unpredictable. If your customer orders don’t match your inventory, you will either be out of stock, or your products will stay at the fulfillment center for too long. These issues, in turn, will result in increased pending orders, higher fulfillment costs, and a decrease in sales revenue.

2. Insufficient Logistics Planning

Customers get frustrated when there are late deliveries or damaged products, and they may turn to a different business for future purchases, harming your reputation. There is no doubt that backlogs are inevitable, but if you have poor logistics planning and don’t correctly consider finding the right shipping methods, you can lose customers.

The same goes for damaged and lost goods. If your packaging isn’t durable or appropriate for safe delivery, it can get damaged during transport. Selecting the correct courier service is essential to fulfilling orders efficiently.

3. International Shipping

International shipping comes with many challenges, including custom regulations. Since each country you’re shipping to will have different regulations, it can be difficult to accommodate them separately. In some cases, you may need to refund if a country’s customs prevent you from shipping the product. This can also result in a decrease in customers. A logistics company like MacMillan can help you prevent these challenges.

How Can MacMillan Help You With Order Fulfillment?

  • We ensure transparency at every step, allowing you to track inventory and order volume to ensure the right amount of stock at all times.
  • With our experience in supply chain management and retail freight, we can provide order fulfillment strategies to help you cut supply chain costs.
  • Our fulfillment centers are constantly organized, maximizing the fulfillment process.
  • Helping you select suitable shipping methods, we can speed up the fulfillment time.
  • We opt for cross-docking to shorten delivery times and help you lower shipping costs.
  • Being one of the best logistics companies in Ontario, we use advanced technology to increase efficiency and reduce human error.
  • We handle customer returns efficiently, replacing faulty items to ensure your reputation is never at risk.
  • Our shipping services cover areas all over the world, including North America.

If you’re looking to outsource your order fulfillment needs to a warehouse management service in Toronto, Macmillan is a perfect choice. Using our logistics solutions and specialized services, you can gain more Canadian customers and a have competitive advantage in online marketplaces. Our team of experts can manage any type of product effectively and efficiently, so you can be assured that your items will be in the right hands. For more information, contact our experts by calling us at 416-941-2759 or getting in touch with us here.

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