How Adding Value to Packaging Increases Customer Satisfaction

The saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression” has been supported by research by showing that within 3 to 5 seconds a person will make several judgements and conclusions about what a brand stands for. People form this opinion merely by viewing or touching the packaging of a product. Therefore it is crucial to have the ability to create a desirable and influential first impression for your products through value-added packaging.

When your products get to the point where they do not need to compete for consumer attention, then you know that not only do you have customers who trust the quality of your product, but also have loyalty towards your brand.

As vital as packaging is to customer satisfaction, it is also essential in the number of decisions a business has to make, from the initial idea to the moment their product reaches its consumers.

Here are some points that show that packaging is important from the inception of a product idea through the processes that lead to its consumption.

How to Achieve Value Added Packaging

How_Adding_Value_to_Packaging_Increases_Customer_Satisfaction_501. Why Packaging Matters in Order Fulfillment

Whether you’re a company that’s focused on selling products to businesses or directly to consumers, the end goal is to make money. The sale of products is incomplete until the sold products are received by the customer. The method of doing this is called order fulfillment and it is at the heart of every business, be it B2B or D2C.

Of the five steps involved in order fulfillment, the last two highlight why packaging matters in order fulfillment.

Picking and Packing

The picking and packing activities for each newly received customer order are dictated by the order processing management. Items are picked according to packing slip instructions, such as product colours, number of stock items, sizes etc. When packing an order, it is essential to optimize dimensional weight to hasten transport while also potentially saving cost and integrating a custom packaging design that speaks directly to each customer.


Because shipping routes may include more than one carrier, it’s important to adopt a durable packaging design. As earlier mentioned, not only would optimizing dimensional weight hasten the shipment, but it is also one of the determining factors of freight billable cost. The other factor is the actual package weight. Even if the actual item weight is low, which is often the case with loungewear, packing it in the lowest dimension helps to keep from adding too much to the overall package weight.

2. What Makes Superior Product Packaging?

Attention to detail and thorough market research are two factors that will bring your product to the attention of your target audience. Taking the time to create the right kind of packaging that will meet the expectations of the customer is important for leaving a positive impact. An eye-catching design coupled with quality materials are ways to convince consumers that your product is superior (think about how neatly and carefully consumer electronics are packed and aim for a similar feeling).

3. Choosing from High-Quality Materials

While it is evident that consumer perceptions change over time, premium brands have found a way to stay a step ahead of the conventional market through their design aesthetics, which not only capture consumers’ values, but also help associate them with a special experience. To achieve this, the packaging designers must know the impact of high-quality materials on premium imagery. There are different materials which may be used to convey a high quality, some of which are elevated coatings, wood-oriented materials with adorning accents, or aluminum, which is considered eco-friendly, durable and preservative when used in storing food items due to its air-tight quality.

4. How to Improve the Unboxing Experience

Even if you know what’s inside, opening up a package still feels like an adventure. A memorable unboxing experience exceeds customer expectations and makes them feel like they got even more value out of your product. The art of unboxing has become an online occurrence where people buy a product just to be able to unpack it and make a video of them doing so. Packaging is an opportunity to extend the in-store feeling beyond four walls, as it allows you to extend your brand across your in-store shopping experience and online presence. It is, therefore, crucial to your brand that you offer a creative unboxing experience through promotional packaging like coupons or merchandising that makes your goods hard to resist. Ease of opening, branded product brochures or personalized “thank you” cards are all creative means to give customers a smooth, unboxing experience.

5. Other Ways of Adding Additional Value

There are several ways in which packaging design helps to create additional value in your product, since in most cases it is the first physical interaction between the business and the consumer. However, the added value need not end in packaging needs, but should extend to the little gestures unique to your brand or what your brand stands for. Some of this may include a sample of a new product, two different dressings for a salad bowl without extra cost, or tips and tricks cards of how to repurpose a product or the packaging.

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