Final Mile & E-commerce

Final Mile & E-commerce

The Problem: Online retail sales increased by over 40% through 2020-2021. Orders are flooding in, deadlines are getting tighter, and customer expectations are increasing. You can have the best technology and the fastest processes, and still not deliver on time if one thing doesn’t go right – final mile delivery. It’s the last hurdle between you and your client. Pass it, and you have a lifelong customer. Miss it, and you have a lifelong adversary.

The Bigger Problem: Many couriers and delivery companies claim to be the best. But, without the right tracking systems, delivery infrastructure, scalability, route optimization plans, and expertise to overcome roadblocks in transit, your shipments can end up lost or being delivered late, or damaged. As a consequence, your business receives negative reviews, angry remarks, and multiple refund requests.

The Solution: At MacMillan SCG, we care for your shipments as if they were our own. We’re not just a delivery company. We’re a team of strategists, IT professionals, and logisticians, striving to provide you with the sharpest, simplest, cleanest, and most transparent customer delivery shipping experience. Whether you need courier services for smaller packages or freight for larger shipments, we have you covered. Our solutions are built to withstand the stress of consumer frenzies.

The Result: The frustrations of shipping and e-commerce delivery are gone. Our team has you covered. You can now be confident and comfortable to say that being hit with a flood of orders is good news – regardless of what time of year it is. You now have time on your hands to start doing the tasks that matter most to your business – growth, and expansion.

Logistics Services:

  • Hyper-Local – Depending on Postal Code – Delivery available within 2-4 Hours.
  • Same Day Delivery – Multiple delivery times available to meet your service level needs.
  • Next-Day Delivery Across Canada
  • Pick-up & Delivery Services Available on Saturdays
  • International & Cross-Border Delivery

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