Final Mile & E-commerce

Final Mile & E-commerce

With a proven track record of successfully executing both small parcels and big bulky products, MacMillan can help any client succeed and scale.

Our operations and logistics network includes:

  • 45 Distribution centers and logistical hubs;
  • Over 6000 drivers nationally;
  • Coast-to-coast infrastructure.

As part of MacMillan’s Final Mile solution, clients benefit from our technology platform that easily integrates into your systems. Benefits include:

  • Real time tracking ensuring prompt and reliable deliveries;
  • Analytics and KPI management;
  • Reduction in administrative and operational processes;
  • Reverse logistics;
  • Rate optimization.

Service Levels:

  • Same Day Delivery – Multiple delivery times available to meet your service level needs;
  • Next-Day Delivery Across Canada;
  • Big and Bulky delivery and installation services.

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