What Are the Benefits of Working With a 3PL Company In Toronto?

Toronto is a gateway for e-commerce businesses to emerge into new markets and gain a competitive advantage. However, achieving these goals without assistance can create challenges that may slow you down.

A 3PL logistics provider company can manage your supply chain and ensure your business stays on the right track. As one of the best logistics companies in Canada, the MacMillan Supply Chain Group provides services tailored to your needs so that you can focus on your core competencies. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, you can reach us by clicking here or calling us at 416-941-2759.

How Can Third-Party Logistics Services Help Your Business Grow?


Although there are many benefits of working with 3pl logistics provider companies[efn_note]Zacharia, Z.G., Sanders, N.R. and Nix, N.W. (2011), The Emerging Role of the Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL) as an Orchestrator. Journal of Business Logistics, 32: 40-54. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.2158-1592.2011.01004.x[/efn_note], 8 of them stand out:

1. Higher Cost Savings

Working with 3PL services can help you reduce costs. Rather than investing in your own warehousing and hiring efforts, you can hand over the work to a logistics provider for a fee. All of your logistics tasks will then be dealt with by a qualified team of industry experts who can manage your products with care while ensuring an efficient supply chain.

Logistics service providers tend to have close contacts in the transportation industry, which gives them more leverage and allows them to negotiate prices. The MacMillan Supply Chain Group has years of experience in cutting supply chain costs, improving efficiency, and managing  your business better.

2. Better Technology Access

3PL companies are equipped with advanced technology necessary for supply chain management. They have everything from security and storage essentials for comprehensive warehousing and inventory management to the highest-rated software for improved order fulfillment and shipping processes. The role of advanced technology is especially pronounced in retail fulfillment logistics as research shows.[efn_note]Mondol, E. P. “The Impact of Block Chain and Smart Inventory System on Supply Chain Performance at Retail Industry”. International Journal of Computations, Information and Manufacturing (IJCIM), vol. 1, no. 1, Dec. 2021, https://doi.org/10.54489/ijcim.v1i1.30.[/efn_note]

3. Reduced Risk

3PL companies have years of experience in dealing with supply chain management issues. They can identify and mitigate potential problems such as natural disasters, additional costs, and fluctuating demand.

4. Industry Expertise

The benefits of contract logistics tend to outweigh their disadvantages. With a 3PL partner, you will have someone to guide you and help you deal with all your supply chain and logistics related business problems. If you are looking for a 3PL service in the Greater Toronto Area, the MacMillan Supply Chain Group has you covered.

Even with current supply chain issues in Canada, our experienced team can adequately manage your supply chain to ensure your customers are satisfied. You can reach us by clicking here or calling us at 416-941-2759.

5. Faster Growth

When an experienced logistics provider saves you the hassle of handling logistics, warehousing, employees, and shipping requirements, you can redirect your attention to more important matters, such as establishing yourself on e-commerce platforms and attracting new customers. Not only will you gain peace of mind but you will also save time and money thanks to cost-effective logistics.

6. More Flexibility

As you grow in online marketplaces, you will face several challenges. A 3PL partner can scale according to those changes and provide specialized retail logistics solutions to help you gain customer loyalty. Seasonal demands, warehouse space, and general fluctuations in order volume can be handled with a good 3PL fulfillment infrastructure.

7. Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience is an integral part of a company’s strategy. As a business owner, you want to prioritize customer satisfaction by building trust. A logistics service can adequately handle your goods and reduce the risk of damage so they can reach the end destination in their best conditions.

8. Better Efficiency

Experienced professionals know how to strategize according to your business needs. Along with using advanced technology, automation, and qualified labour, 3PL companies also carefully utilize warehouse space to increase efficiency while reducing damage risk.

Why Choose MacMillan As Your 3PL Company in the GTA?

You need a qualified partner to handle your supply chain needs. Here is what MacMillan offers:

  • Fulfillment centres located across the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You can select one or multiple, depending on your company’s strategy to reduce costs and risk.
  • Order fulfillment according to your requirements.
  • Equipment for security and perishable items at the warehouses.
  • Minimal handling of goods at the order fulfillment centre to reduce damage risk.
  • Retail freight realtime visibility of inventory to track movement.
  • Logistics solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Strategies to reduce transit time and enhance customer experience.
  • Best practices to ensure great service to customers.
  • Labour and warehouse space to accommodate changing demands and order volume.
  • Reverse logistics. We are always trying to improve customer satisfaction and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Custom shipping sizes for unconventional products.
  • Solutions according to your business.

We have worked with numerous clients across North America looking for supply chain solutions to expand businesses. Get in touch today by clicking here or calling us at 416-941-2759, and we will show you exactly how your business will grow.

MacMillan Supply Chain Group Elevate Your Logistics Experience

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