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Providing specialized solutions for a variety of industries, from apparel to machinery and everything in between. Your business sector has its own unique challenges. Focus on your core business by engaging with a partner that has deep understanding of your industry and the ability to provide unique and specific solutions. Leverage our depth of knowledge, vast network and solutions built specifically for your industry, business and customers.

Company Overview

Logistics never stops evolving. Neither does MacMillan Supply Chain Group. We don’t just move products. We move clients’ business forward with expertise and integrity. MacMillan addresses supply chain challenges with a flexible and holistic approach for companies of any scale, across numerous industries within Canada – from the simple to the most complex. With proven success supporting clients in electronics, sporting goods, health & wellness, beauty care, and medical, we’re an organization that can truly support the entire end-to-end process under one roof….

Why MacMillan

MacMillan has extensive experience acting as a single-source supply chain and logistics provider. As a single-source, we take responsibility for all project deliverables and targets, including; timing, quality, inventory, reporting, KPI’s, fulfillment, final-mile delivery, and most importantly – customer satisfaction. We provide access to the right support and the right end-to-end supply chain solutions, at the right time. We become your strategic partner – an extension to your team…

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    • Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Collaboration
    • Accountability
    • Sustainability
    • Transparency
    • Agility

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